Snow Safety

  1. Always check the weather and dress accordingly.
  2. Ski boots are made for skiing. Use caution when walking on hard surfaces.
  3. When boarding a chair lift, always have your ski poles in your inside hand and in front of you. Look over your outside shoulder for the oncoming chair.
  4. You should always be comfortable with the trail you choose to ski. First run should always be at a lower level than your expertise.
  5. We provide signage so that youíll be well informed.
  6. When a trail is closed, itís either for grooming or lack of snow. Afternoon grooming starts at 4:00 pm.
  7. Bamboo is used for safety markings. Keep a safe distance from all bamboo.
  8. When snow is being made on the trail youíre skiing, the snow is drier the further away you ski from the snowmaking equipment.
  9. Always let the skier or snowboarder in front of you know that you are about to pass them.
  10. Never sit or stand in the middle of a trail (Always move to the side of the trail).
  11. Helmets are recommended for skiers and snowboarders, and for boarders wrist guards are highly recommended as well.